The Immigrant Neighbor Fund provides direct financial support to those left out of the CARES Act.

Provide help to those who need it most

Help us reach our goal

Help us reach our goal

Our immigrant neighbors are struggling. Despite paying taxes, millions of them have been left out of COVID-19 federal relief efforts. It’s up to the rest of us to help them when the federal government will not.

Your donation will go directly to those who need it most. They can use their $500 grant for groceries, rent, bills, medical care, or whatever needs they prioritize. Thank you for your generous donation and for caring for those who need our help during this crisis.

Your donation is tax-deductible.


About The Immigrant Neighbor Fund

During the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s gross inequities and injustices have been laid bare: income inequality, health disparities, and racism. Despite the fact that the working poor and undocumented workers of color are disproportionately Latinx and Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI), and are often at the front lines as essential workers, they have been grossly left out of CARES Act relief measures. The Immigrant Neighbor Fund led by the Voto Latino Foundation, in partnership with Mission Asset Fund and APIA Vote, is an effort to show solidarity between these two communities in times of crisis and help provide needed relief.

The CARES Act omits 20 percent of Latinx workers because they do not have a social security number. Similar impact is faced in the AAPI community where nearly 1.7 million are undocumented. While the undocumented community contributes $27 billion in annual taxes to federal and state governments, they are cut out of the CARES Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I mail my check?

A: Please see the Immigrant Neighbor Fund donations page which details how to donate online, by mail or by ACH wire transfer from your bank.

Q: Could you send me a phone number to call and make a credit card donation?

A: Please see the Immigrant Neighbor Fund donations page which details how to donate online, by mail or by ACH wire transfer from your bank.

Q: How can I be certain that the money I donate will go directly to the people in need that the Immigrant Neighbor Fund was established to assist financially?

A: The Immigrant Neighbor Fund unites two American communities under duress to raise both awareness of and necessary resources for those most in need. The Initiative aims to raise $4 million dollars that will go directly into the pockets of low-income individuals left out of the CARES Act. Individual applicants will receive $500 each that they can use for basic necessities such as food and rent. To maximize relief to these immigrant and low-income communities, all program partners have pledged to waive their operating costs.

Individuals will learn about Immigrant Neighbor Fund through Voto Latino’s and APIA’s networks and earned media. Individuals will visit and proceed, via a direct link, to the application process. In order to qualify, individuals must not be eligible for federal relief under the CARES Act. Mission Asset Fund will manage application intake from beginning to end. Voto Latino Foundation will be charged with receiving funds and then disbursing the funds to Mission Asset Fund who will be responsible for then distributing the $500 disbursements to individuals.

Based on the Initiative’s $4 million fundraising goal, each qualified person, for a projected total 8,000 individuals, will receive $500 within 72 hours after having applied. More than one qualifying member per family can apply to the Immigrant Neighbor Fund. The funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Voto Latino Foundation, APIAVote, and Mission Asset Fund are committed to providing the maximum relief possible to these members of our communities. Each organization has pledged to waive its operational costs for this one-time effort.

Q: Is my contribution tax-deductible?

A: All contributions to the Immigrant Neighbor Fund are tax-deductible.

Q: How do I know if my contribution has been received?

A: Online donations: You will receive an email receipt from ActBlue.
Check donation by mail: Voto Latino Foundation will mail a receipt to you.
ACH wire transfer: You will receive confirmation of your wire transfer from your bank as well as an acknowledgement letter from Voto Latino Foundation.

Q: How can I indicate that I want to have my donation go to assist a person(s) in a specific community, for example, Latino or Asian American Pacific Islander?

A: Because the aim of the Fund is to assist as many people as possible as quickly as possible, eligible applicants receive checks on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, it is not possible to designate a donation for a specific community, i.e., Latino or Asian American Pacific Islander.

Note: Once the $4 million Immigrant Neighbor Fund (Fund) goal is reached and all funds raised have been distributed, there will be a report on Fund results.


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